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dollz at play-wagon repair

Dollz at Play - Wagon Repair

Oscura Wand in Paris EP


Exciting times at Wagon Repair as London duo Dollz at Play release their debut EP after 5 years of taming

 dance floors throughout Europe and the world. London transplants Xochitl and Bea, originally from

 Mexico and Spain respectively, have been tipped for great things. 'Oscura Wand in Paris' is a mid pace bass 

driven minimal electro strut, equally suited for the Miami sun or Berlin dawn. Sleek and deep,

 spoken words punctuate a tight percussive ascension into a synth hook that ties together a

 broad mix of resonant tone and psychotropic modulated vocals. 'Oscura Wand in Paris 

(Danny Boy Dub)' is a subtler beast, pacing elements into an ethereal and meditative ambient journey. 

Intermittent vocal emissions and soaring tones colour a bubbling percussive loop in a contemplative downbeat mix.

 'Oscura Wand In Paris (Mr.C Remix)' sees Dollz at Play manager and Superfreq head honcho

 Mr. C providing the final mix, a deep and engrossing techno trip founded on swelling synth, 

bouncing bass and epic melodic elements that launch the track above and beyond its earthly origins

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