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chipmunk 64

escucha la lirica, muy buena , la musica esta bastate bien !!! beats ,pesados,,buena base y a disfrutar que el video no es nada ,, pero valia la pena la canción !!!

rimes not dying out u fool why do think peple are still wearing hoodys flat caps nike it comes from hiphop u think hip hop dying out to no
warcrykidd1995 (hace 2 meses)
this is sik brav
tjmixmasta (hace 3 meses)
Can someone gimme the skinny on the Grime scene? Tell me everything and anything you know. :) Y'all UK folk are awesome, keep up the technique.
bulkyface (hace 3 meses)
basically real grime hasn't existed for a while, since kano, wiley and dizzee all went commercial. the music has splintered off into dubstep and skank
whacked619 (hace 3 meses)
Dot Rotten, Scotcher seem to be the only ones staying on their Grime thign at the moment... Grime is dying out now... I know people would disagree and start running their gums at me for that statement... but they all know its true.
datcheeseyguy (hace 3 meses)
wretch 32 as well, black the ripper.. not much as else good atm.

i hate shit like chip diddy chip and tinchy stryder's commercial shit.
eatingkorpsez (hace 3 meses)
am 21 n still listenin to chipmunk n think hes pretty sikkkk, yes hes a bit basic but i suppose some people get it some dont......................

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